Our Services:

Package 1:
Facility Certified

A thorough review of your facility, including: safety considerations, layout, equipment, offices, break areas, restrooms, etc.

Package 4:
Materials Certified

We ensure your materials and ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers and we institute ongoing audits and controls.

Package 2:
Process Certified

A complete examine of your manufacturing process, including: layout, raw material storage, inventory management, freight, etc.

Package 5:
Quality Certified

We develop a process to monitor and ensure complaint accountability and resolutions and mitigate loss and theft. 

Package 3:
Packaging & Label Certified

Label and packaging oversight to include effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and marketability.

Package 6:
Elite Certified

Our highest level of certification, in addition to everything offered in packages 1-5, Elite offers semi-annual audits & 3rd party inspections.


After our experienced staff of experts has fully reviewed all elements of the manufacturing process and product and a determination has been made that a facility and its’ products meet all industry standards, businesses shall be allowed to place our company's distinguished "USA FOOD STANDARDS" certification on its products. The USAFS Certification provides evidence that the facility/product has passed our stringent inspection, in-turn providing confidence and peace of mind to consumers. We offer six different certifications, based on our client's needs as outlined below: