About Us:


USA Food Standards (USAFS) provides consulting services that help international food and drug manufacturers successfully export their products into the United States and North America. USAFS also uses its proprietary certification process to provide its’ certification to products that meet all USFAS certification requirements, including:


  • Compliance with all government regulations, certification, and licenses

  • In good standing and current with all 3rd party and internal consultative and regulatory audits and site inspections

  • FDA facility certification and accreditation


Our certification represents high-quality production standards, thoroughly audited processes, and full compliance with all local and US federal regulatory requirements. Exporting foreign-made products into the United States is a complex process, we streamline and navigate that process for you enabling you to achieve your aspirations efficiently and with peace of mind.


USAFS helps foreign manufactures (and domestic importers) identify all applicable regulations, certifications, and licenses required to sell their products in the United States. We then work to fulfill all requirements necessary to do business in America, bringing our clients’ products to market efficiently with our proprietary certification process. Amongst other things, we develop a tailored, written policy unique to each client to ensure on-going regulatory compliance and efficient issue resolution.

Comprised of a network of experienced United States importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, lawyers, engineers, microbiologists, toxicologists, chemists, public health experts and certification specialists, our company helps businesses develop and maintain high industry standards through:

  • Consultation

  • Education

  • Inspection of facilities and products

  • Oversight of regulatory compliance

  • Written guidelines

  • Independent Testing and audits